Published Works

Tolerable Conspiracies

As heard on Beyond the Darkness:
Some secrets are good for you.

A new work of short, non-fiction – Tolerable Conspiracies is a collection of optimistic mis-information about Bigfoot, UFOs, the Illuminati & more.

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Ooh! The Places You’ll Go #2

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Here’s a great gag gift for that recent graduate or just to say congratulations to that newly promoted spouse, married friend or newborn baby… (in a tongue and cheek way). A Poop Spoof by Shawn Wickens about all the wondrous, adventurous places you’ll go #2.

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Haiku Circus – comic strips based on the traditional form of Japanese poetry

Comic strips inspired by the traditional form of Japanese poetry. Haiku Circus appeared weekly in over 30 newspapers around the world.

These were originally published by Shawn Wickens using the pseudonym, Ken Sakamoto.

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How to Lose Your Virginity… (real stores about the first time)

Whether stud or dud, hot dish or cold fish, you’re never the same after you first “do the deed.” In How to Lose Your Virginity… and How Not To, Shawn Wickens makes us transfixed voyeurs in scores of others’ seminal “coming” of age moments.

From Kelsie Testa in Jerk Magazine: “A compilation of shocking yet heartwarming tales of orifices, secretions, and vulgarity that pleasantly ends in an orgasm. From condom follies to mixed-race orgies, Wickens proves that no formula exists when it comes to this seminal and ‘ground-breaking’ event….

One central message remains the same for all of these first-timers: losing your virginity is weird and exhilarating, whether you lost it with your middle-school bus driver named Frank at age 13 or you waited until marriage.”

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