Comedy Performances

“Pure, unadulterated comedy at its finest.”

“Shawn Wickens does for Comedy what Monty Python did for the Holy Grail.”
– Sea Tea Comedy Theater | Hartford, CT

“Expect a set that’s hilarious, delirious and refreshingly raw.” 

“Good Joke/Bad Joke Bingo is a fast paced, engaging evening of comedy.”
– Valiant Theatre | New Orleans, LA

Good Joke/Bad Joke video promo

This show has been performed in Baltimore, Princeton, Pittsburgh, Hartford, New Orleans, Cleveland and New York City.

LIVE Art Auction + Joke Experience (HIGHLIGHTS)

Someone in the audience needed clarification so… yes, I did paint these myself.
recorded at Countdown Theater, NYC

Secret Living Room Show

recorded in New York, NY

Untested Jokes on the Road

recorded in New Orleans, LA

My Crazy Star Wars Fan Theory

with Jamie Rivera & Shawn Wickens

additional videos on YouTube

“Shawn Wickens tickle videos”